Other Services

Trying to meet the emerging needs, this tab includes all that is needed but does not fit into any of the other categories and is always growing!

Price Table
Service CategorySub-CategoryServicePrice
Other ServicesBoxesCromulux Box A43,70 €
Other ServicesBoxesCromulux Box A36,00 €
Other ServicesCD'sBurn CD2,50 €
Other ServicesPicking/DeliveryMotorcycle Picking/Delivery5,00 €
Other ServicesPicking/DeliveryCar Picking/Delivery10,00 €
Other ServicesPicking/DeliveryUrgent Motorcycle Picking/Delivery10,00 €
Other ServicesStampingStamping A36,00 €
Other ServicesStampingStamping A43,00 €
Other ServicesStampingStamping A51,50 €
Other ServicesComputer ProcessingGraphic Work/Text Processing20,00€/h
Other ServicesGridCanvas Grid8,00€/ml
Other ServicesPlastificationsA32,50 €
Other ServicesPlastificationsA41,25 €
Other ServicesStamping TextilesLong Apron3,00 €
Other ServicesStamping TextilesShort Apron6,00 €
Other ServicesStamping TextilesFolding Bag3,00 €
Other ServicesStamping TextilesCloth Bag3,00 €
Other ServicesStamping TextilesRaw Cloth Bag1,50 €
Other ServicesStamping TextilesCloth Backpack1,50 €